Npower Pre-selection List 2023/2024 Check Full List of Batch C Pre-Selected Candidates

The Npower Pre-selection List is an important aspect of the Npower program, providing a crucial step in the selection process for candidates. This list serves as a preliminary screening tool to identify eligible applicants who have met the necessary requirements and criteria.

Being included in the Npower Pre-selection List signifies that an applicant has successfully passed through the initial stages of evaluation, demonstrating their potential to contribute effectively to the program. It is a significant milestone for individuals seeking to secure employment opportunities and benefit from the various empowerment initiatives offered by Npower.

The Npower Pre-selection List plays a vital role in streamlining and optimizing the selection process, ensuring that only qualified candidates progress further. It serves as a transparent mechanism for identifying deserving individuals who possess the required skills, qualifications, and commitment.

For applicants eagerly awaiting their inclusion in the Npower Pre-selection List, it is essential to remain patient while understanding that this stage represents an important part of the overall selection process. By diligently meeting all requirements and staying informed about updates from Npower, applicants can increase their chances of being included in this highly anticipated list.

Checking the Npower Pre-Selection List 2023 Criteria

You must have your application ID and password ready. This will allow you to access your dashboard and the Npower pre-selection status site.

Please keep in mind that the pre-selection list is not the final list. Those whose names appeared on the pre-selection list may be rejected if the standards were not met following Physical Verification.

Those who pass the physical verification will be recruited and deployed. Approximately 300,000 candidates were shortlisted in the first round of pre-selection.

How To Check The Npower Pre-selection List 2023

  • Nasims’ Npower portal may be found at
  • Enter your application ID and password to log in.
  • Scroll to the “check preselection status” section.
  • To check the status of your name, click Search.

After you’ve verified your name, you should look into the physical verification date and conditions. If you want your name to appear on the final selection list, you must travel to the verification center with all the prerequisites.

In conclusion, being featured on the Npower Pre-selection List opens up doors of opportunity for aspiring individuals looking to make a positive impact through employment and empowerment. It serves as validation of one’s capabilities and marks an important step towards realizing personal goals within this esteemed program.


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