NPower Batch C Stipend Payment Date News Today 2023 for Stream 1 and 2

NPower Batch C Stipend Payment Date News Today 2023: Update on NPower Batch C Stipend Payment Date

NPower Batch C beneficiaries have been eagerly awaiting their monthly stipend payments, which have been delayed for several months.

According to a recent update from Nasims, one of the reasons for the delay is due to beneficiaries failing to adhere to instructions, such as account capturing and unplanned delays.

This delay has caused financial distress and hardship for many beneficiaries, who have not received their stipends since January 2023. However, the NPower authority has taken measures to expedite payment and ensure that beneficiaries receive their stipends as soon as possible.

The latest news today concerning NPower Batch C stipend payment is that beneficiaries will start receiving their monthly stipends from the first week of November 2023.

In a recent update, NPower announced that payment of outstanding stipends will be approved this week, and the payment process will be initiated soon.

Additionally, payment for the month of August has been initiated and will begin shortly, according to a recent update from NPower. Beneficiaries of Batch C1 should be aware that after receiving the stipends for September, October, and November, no additional stipend payments will be made.

Latest NPower News

  • From January to July 2023, N-Power Batch “C” beneficiaries did not receive stipends, creating financial pain and suffering.
  • Beneficiaries submitted a letter to President Bola Tinubu requesting immediate involvement and expressing their worries over the current situation.
  • Dr. Betta Edu, the new Minister of Humanitarian Affairs and Poverty Alleviation, intends to overhaul NPower and other government programs in order to increase family support, create more jobs, and reduce poverty.
  • Despite the change in ministry leadership and a review of the previous Minister’s conduct, Npower Nasims promises that 2022 payments will continue.
  • Dr. Betta Edu vows to pay all past-due stipends and is dedicated to creating equity, prosperity, and a better future for all Nigerians.

How to Check the Status of N-Power Beneficiaries for NPower Batch C Participants:

The N-Power program, an important initiative of the Federal Government of Nigeria to tackle young unemployment, recently announced critical changes to its self-service webpage.

This was done primarily to resolve some recipients’ unintentional changes in status. A recent update on the Nasims portal incorrectly changed the status of some participants from “BENEFICIARIES” to “APPLICANTS.” This tutorial walks Batch C participants through the process of verifying their current status.

Npower has begun a large payment for unpaid stipends in Batch C2.

The National Social Investment Management System (NASIMS) has begun to pay outstanding stipends to Batch C Stream 2 Npower beneficiaries on a considerable scale.

Payments are made possible using a new Self-Service Portal (SSP), which improves access to services and provides real-time payment progress reports. Beneficiaries can utilize the SSP portal to manage personal information, receive several payments at the same time, and resolve any payment concerns.

While individual banks’ payment processing times may vary, the new method promotes better openness and efficiency. Beneficiaries are urged to check their payment statuses on the SSP portal, which can be found at

To check the payment status, NPower Batch C beneficiaries should go to their bank, the one they used in applying for the NPower Batch C program, and confirm if the money has been deposited.

Furthermore, NPower NASIMS management has provided significant updates regarding NPower stipend payment and NASIMS news for Batch C2 beneficiaries.

While delays have caused frustration for beneficiaries, NPower is actively working to expedite payment and ensure that beneficiaries receive their stipends as soon as possible.


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