Philippine National Police[PNP] Recruitment 2024/2025 Online Application

Philippine National Police Recruitment 2024: Are you interested in joining the Philippine National Police (PNP)? If so, you’ve come to the right place.

In this section, we will discuss everything you need to know about PNP recruitment, including the requirements and how to apply.

The Philippine National Police is responsible for maintaining peace and order in the country. As a law enforcement agency, they are always on the lookout for dedicated individuals who are passionate about serving their community and upholding justice.

Eligibility for PNP Recruitment 2024

To be eligible for PNP recruitment, there are certain requirements that you must meet. These typically include being a Filipino citizen, having a good moral character, being physically and mentally fit, and possessing at least a high school diploma or its equivalent.

Application Process for Philippine National Police Recruitment

The application process for joining the PNP can vary slightly depending on your desired position. However, it generally involves several stages such as written exams, physical agility tests, medical examinations, background checks, and interviews.

It is important to carefully follow all instructions provided by the PNP during each stage of the application process.

If you meet all the requirements and complete the application process, you will have the opportunity to serve your country as a member of the Philippine National Police. This rewarding career path offers various opportunities for growth and advancement within law enforcement.

How to Apply for Philippine National Police Recruitment Successfully

Interested candidates should apply online at using the Comprehensive Online Recruitment Processing System (CORPS). To begin, please go to the gateway and select the sign-up option.

To avoid disqualification, please double-check all documents to be uploaded. All male candidates who enrolled while pretending to be female (and vice versa) will be removed from the list and will not be examined, even if they already have a QR Code.

Please do not submit multiple applications. The system will mark you as DQ if you do this. Because it is a “first COME-first SAVE” system, you will get immediate access.

Keep your communication line open at all times for more details and instructions, and keep an eye out for notices and announcements from your particular unit/office Recruitment Officer.

In conclusion, if you have always dreamed of becoming a part of an esteemed law enforcement agency like the Philippine National Police, this section will guide you through every step of the recruitment process.

With dedication and determination, you can make a meaningful impact in your community while serving your country with pride.


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  • Be wary of bogus phone calls and employment offers. Pay no one who promises to be able to help you get this job.


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