Nigerian Prisons Service Salary Structure and Ranks for B.Sc, HND & OND

Nigerian Prisons Service Salary Structure and Ranks for B.Sc., HND & OND: Many people find it difficult to tell the prison officers apart. They repeatedly inquire about their positions and the monthly salary of prison officers.

Here, we provide explanations for many concepts so that you can comprehend them thoroughly. I’ll start by defining The Nigerian Prison Service for those who don’t already know what it means.

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The security personnel that serve in Nigerian prisons are known as the Nigerian Prison Service. Like any other paramilitary in Nigeria, they have their own ranks. Other names for them include correctional officers.

NPS Ranks for B.Sc., HND & OND

We all know that a degree entitles you to a higher rank and salary, but how much more can a degree increase your take-home pay and rank? For the job of Prison Officer, we disaggregated incomes based on levels of education in order to compare them.

Let’s take a look at the Nigerian Prisons Service Ranks for B.Sc., HND & OND

  • Superintendent
  • Inspectorate
  • Assistant
  • Controller-General of Prisons (CG)
  • Superintendent of Prison I (SP I)
  • Superintendent of Prison II (SP II)
  • Deputy Superintendent (DSP)
  • Assistant Superintendent I (ASP I)
  • Assistant Superintendent II (ASP II)
  • Senior Inspector (SI)
  • Inspector of Prison (IP)
  • Assistant Inspector of Prison (AIP)
  • Prison Assistant I (PA I)
  • Prison Assistant II (PA II)
  • Prison Assistant III (PA III)

Nigerian Prisons Service Salary Structure for B.Sc., HND & OND

The yearly salary range for a Nigerian Prison Service (NPS) officer is between 900,000 and 1,100,000 Naira, or at least 50,000 Naira each month, depending on rank.

Once we receive confirmation from our source, we will continue to update you on how much each rank is paid.

In Nigeria, the initial compensation for the position of a prison officer is 80,800 NGN, and the highest income is 226,000 NGN.

The offered amount should be understood as the lowest value reported in a salary survey that entailed thousands of participants and professionals from various parts of the nation, not the legally required minimum wage.


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