Nigeria Police Ranks and Salary 2023: Check Out Police Constable Salary

Nigeria Police Ranks and Salary Structure 2023: Do you want to know every detail about the salary structure, ranks, and symbols of the Nigeria Police Force? Then, this article will cover all information about the Nigeria Police Ranks and Salaries.

Nigeria Police Ranks

Nigeria is in charge of overall internal security in the country, as well as jail, immigration, and customs services.

They also undertake military responsibilities both inside and beyond the country as directed. The force is a big organization, and as such, several people at various grades will be revealed here.

What are the Nigerian police force’s ranks and symbols? See the Nigerian police force ranks and symbols; these are the Nigerian police ranks.

  1. Corporal
  2. Sergeant
  3. Sergeant Major
  4. Inspector of Police
  5. Assistant Superintendent of Police
  6. Deputy Superintendent of Police
  7. Superintendent of Police
  8. Chief Superintendent of Police
  9. Assistant Commissioner of Police
  10. Deputy Commissioner of Police
  11. Commissioner of Police
  12. Assistant Inspector General of Police
  13. Deputy Inspector General of Police
  14. Inspector General

The Nigeria Police Force ranks are listed in ascending (from least to greatest) order. It should be noted that there are prerequisites to meet before being considered for being appointed to any of the grades.

Nigeria Police Salary Structure

Following the 2010 pay increase, the federal government, led by Goodluck Jonathan, expanded the wage and allowance package to include the military, paramilitary, police, and intelligence communities, which were not previously subject to equivalent compensation reviews.

As a result of extending the jumbo rise to additional public employees rather than the core civil servants, the overall wage cost jumped to N267.4 billion in 2010.

Police officers’ salaries, like those of any other job, vary according to their level and experience. In this article, we will look at the pay of various NPF categories, from cadet inspectors to the Inspector General of Police. The following table shows the salary information for Nigerian police personnel by rank or grade.

Commissioned officers Salaries

Inspector General NGN 711,450 NGN 8,537,980
Deputy Inspector-General of Police NGN 546,572.80 NGN 6,558,872.76
Assistant Inspector-General of Police NGN 499,751.87 NGN 5,997,022.44
Commissioner of Police (Grade 15, Step 6) NGN 302,970.47 NGN 3,635,645.64
Commissioner of Police (Grade 15, Step 1) NGN 266,777.79 NGN 3,201,333.48
Deputy Commissioner of Police (Grade 14, Step 7) NGN 278,852.79 NGN 3,346,233.48
Deputy Commissioner of Police (Grade 14, Step 1) NGN 242,715.65 NGN 2,912,587.80
Assistant Commissioner of Police (Grade 13, Step 10) NGN 212,938.16 NGN 2,555,257.90
Assistant Commissioner of Police (Grade 13, Step 1) NGN 183,185.73 NGN 2,198,228.76
Chief Superintendent of Police (Grade 12, Step 8) NGN 199,723.90 NGN 2,396,687.60
Chief Superintendent of Police (Grade 12, Step 1) NGN 172,089.06 NGN 2,065,068.72
Superintendent of Police (Grade 11, Step 10) NGN 187,616.69 NGN 2,251,400.28
Superintendent of Police (Grade 11, Step 1) NGN 161,478.29 NGN 1,937,739.48
Deputy Superintendent of Police (Grade 10, Step 10) NGN 170,399.69 NGN 2,044,796.28
Deputy Superintendent of Police (Grade 10, Step 1) NGN 148,733.29 NGN 1,784,799.48
Assistant Superintendent of Police (ASP2) (Grade 09, Step 10) NGN 156,318.39 NGN 1,875,820.68
Assistant Superintendent of Police (ASP1) (Grade 09, Step 1) NGN 136,616.06 NGN 1,639,392.72
Assistant Superintendent of Police (ASP) (Grade 08, Step 10) NGN 144,152.07 NGN 1,729,824.84
Assistant Superintendent of Police (ASP) (Grade 08, Step 1) NGN 127,604.68 NGN 1,531,256.16
Cadet Inspector (Grade 07, Step 10) NGN 87,135.70 NGN 1,045,628.10
Cadet Inspector (Grade 07, Step 1) NGN 73,231.51 NGN 878,778.12

Note: All wages are paid in Nigerian Naira (NGN). The salaries listed in this table are subject to change and are current as of the time of writing.

Non-commissioned officers

Sergeant Major 06 10 NGN62,204.88 NGN746,458.56
Sergeant Major 06 1 NGN55,144.81 NGN661,737.72
Police Sergeant 05 10 NGN55,973.84 NGN671,686.08
Police Sergeant 05 1 NGN48,540.88 NGN582,490.56
Police Corporal 04 10 NGN51,113.59 NGN613,365.08
Police Corporal 04 1 NGN44,715.53 NGN536,586.36
Police Constable 10 N/A NGN51,113.59 NGN613,363.08
Police Constable 03 N/A NGN43,293.80 NGN519,525.60
Police Recruit N/A N/A NGN9,019.40 NGN108,233.20

The icons below symbolize the various ranks of the police force.


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