FIRS Salary Structure & Allowances: See How Much FIRS Staffs Earn

FIRS Salary Structure & Allowances in 2024: See How Much Federal Inland Revenue Service (FIRS) Staffs Earn.

The Federal Inland Revenue Service (FIRS) is a Federal Government agency formed in 1943 with the exclusive goal and obligation of tax monitoring and collection from registered establishments operating within Nigeria’s borders.

In this essay, I will focus on the FIRS salary structure for recent B.Sc. and HND grads, as well as the job requirements for new applicants. This article is useful since it contains all the information you need to know about the FIRS wage structure for graduate trainees.

The Federal Inland Revenue Service job recruitment is done through the FIRS application portal, followed by screening, testing, and interviews.

FIRS Salary Structure

Even though their pay is not comparable to that of workers in global oil corporations such as Shell, Chevron, or ExxonMobil, FIRS employees are among the highest-paid in Nigeria’s public sector.

Before diving into how much the staff gets at various levels, it is important to understand that, like many organizations, the wage structure is depending on specific circumstances. The FIRS considers characteristics such as field of study or department, grade level, position held, and years of service.

The Federal Inland Revenue Service is proud of its well-defined wage system for its employees. According to statistics, a monthly net salary of ₦103,987 for an average level 8 employee at FIRS equals a yearly pay of ₦1,247,854. A grade 7 employee, on the other hand, makes ₦87,434 each month before taxes and pension, for a total annual salary of ₦1,073,217.

Employees of the Federal Inland Revenue Service are entitled to several good benefits and allowances in addition to their basic monthly wages, as is anticipated for a government job. Additionally, an employee’s wage is expected to rise with time. The FIRS salary structure for various job positions is shown below.

Title/Job Position Average Salary (Monthly)
Corps Member ₦24,000 – ₦26,000
VAT Officer (Corper) ₦24,000 – ₦26,000
Youth Corper (Intern) ₦34,000 – ₦46,000
Accounting Clerk  (Intern) ₦67,000 – ₦73,000
Accountant ₦198,000 – ₦211,000
Conseiller En Développement ₦279,000 – ₦298,000
Task Officer ₦289,000 – ₦310,000
Assistant Manager ₦310,000 – ₦331,000
Tax Administrator ₦342,000 – ₦360,000
Inspector of Taxes ₦382,000 – ₦412,000
Human Resource Genaralist ₦479,000 – ₦517,000


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