CBN Salary Structure and Allowances: How Much Does CBN Staff Earn? (2024)

Understanding the CBN Salary Structure and Allowances: Check out CBN Salary for senior supervisors, assistant managers, drivers, and NYSC Corpers

The Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) is known to offer competitive salaries to its employees. The CBN salary structure is made up of various components, including basic salary, allowances, and bonuses.

The basic salary of CBN employees varies depending on their job grade and level of experience. For instance, the entry-level salary for new employees in training ranges from N60,000 to N100,000 per month.

Meanwhile, a loan officer at CBN earns a monthly salary of N573,000. The average salary for CBN employees is N509,008 per month. Overall, the CBN salary structure is designed to attract and retain top talent in the banking industry.

CBN Salary Structure and Allowances

In addition to the basic salary, CBN employees are entitled to various allowances. Some of the allowances available to CBN employees include housing allowance, transport allowance, and meal subsidy.

For instance, branch controllers earn a basic monthly salary of N732,000 and receive N8,784,000 annually, along with other allowances and incentives.

Entry-level staff at CBN earn a monthly salary of N122,000 and are entitled to various allowances, such as housing and transport allowances.

The training allowance for new CBN employees is reported to range between N1.2 million and N1.5 million. These allowances help to improve the overall compensation package for CBN employees.

Several factors affect the CBN salary and allowances, including job grade, level of experience, and performance. For instance, credit analysts at CBN earn a monthly salary of N647,000, which is equivalent to N7,764,000 annually.

The salary of branch managers at CBN is dependent on their level of experience and performance. The CBN governor is one of the highest-paid public officials in Nigeria, earning a monthly salary of N2,223,705.00, along with various benefits and allowances.

Understanding the CBN salary structure and allowances is essential for individuals interested in pursuing a career in the banking industry.


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