Zambia Army Recruitment 2023/2024 Application Form: See Latest News Here

The application form for Zambia Army Recruitment 2023 is now available. If you want to join the Zambian Army, learn about the requirements, how to apply, the starting and ending dates, suggestions, and other information that will help you succeed in the Zambian Army recruitment process.

Is Zambia Army Application Form for 2023 Out?

Zambian Defence Forces is presently accepting applications from eligible people interested in joining the Zambia Army in 2023/2024. To take advantage of this opportunity, quickly review the prerequisites and then access the application portal.

Zambia Army Application Categories

ZNS recruitment is divided into two categories: commissioned and non-commissioned. It is important to note that the qualifications for each category differ; in other words, you must understand the difference between the two (2) below before applying.

ZNS Commissioned Officers

Simply defined, Commissioned Officers are highly qualified and experienced candidates. This means that the applicant has accumulated experience through time in a certain subject such as accounting, engineering, medicine, communication experts, and so on, which distinguishes him or her from the competition.

ZNS Non-Commissioned Officers

Non-commissioned officers are newcomers who may not have a certain discipline or experience. Their mission, as field officers, is to help defend the county.

Requirements for Zambia Army Recruitment 2023

The Zambia Army Recruitment process has specific eligibility criteria that applicants must meet to be considered for recruitment.

  • Firstly, applicants must be Zambian citizens and have a school Grade 12 certification
  • Secondly, they must not be below 18 years or above 35 years of age.
  • Additionally, applicants must meet the physical and medical requirements set by the Zambia Army, including height, weight, and fitness standards. Those who meet these criteria can proceed to the selection process.

Selection Process for Zambia Army Recruitment

The selection process for Zambia Army Recruitment involves a series of tests and evaluations to determine the suitability of applicants for service.

The process includes physical fitness tests, medical examinations, aptitude tests, and interviews. The selection process is highly competitive, and only the most qualified candidates are selected for training.

The names of selected candidates are published publicly to ensure transparency and fairness.

The acceptable mode of application for the ongoing Zambia Army Recruitment is a handwritten application letter attached with the required documents.

Update on Zambia Army Recruitment

Those who are selected for training undergo rigorous training that prepares them for a career in the Zambia Army.

The training includes lessons on combat marksmanship, the law of armed conflicts, bilateral operations, small unit tactics, and other essential skills.

Upon completion of training, successful candidates are deployed to various units within the Zambia Army, where they can take advantage of career opportunities and contribute to the defense of the country.

The Zambia Army provides opportunities for career growth, a dynamic and supportive team, and the chance to contribute to sustainable farming practices.

How to Apply for Zambia Army Recruitment 2023

To apply for Zambian army recruitment, send an application letter addressed to the commander-in-chief and mail it to any of the provinces listed below.

Officer Applicants Only

  • The Recruitment Officer
  • Administration Branch
  • Army Headquarters
  • Arakan Barracks
  • P.O Box 31931
  • Lusaka

Officer and Soldier

Applicants in Provinces Addresses

Lusaka Province

  • The Recruitment Officer
  • 1 Infantry Brigade Headquarters
  • P.O Box 32233
  • L85 Military Camp
  • Lusaka

Central Province

  • The Recruitment Officer
  • 2 Infantry Brigade Headquarters
  • P.O Box 80409
  • Kabwe

Copperbelt Province

  • The Recruitment Officer
  • 3 Infantry Brigade Headquarters
  • 14 Misundu
  • P.O Box 70765
  • Ndola

Eastern Province

  • The Recruitment Officer
  • Eastern Formation Headquarters
  • P.O Box 510644
  • Chipata

Southern Province

  • The Recruitment Officer
  • Southern Formation Headquarters
  • P.O Box 630390
  • Choma

Western Province

  • The Recruitment Officer
  • Western Formation Headquarters
  • P.O Box 911306
  • Mongu

North-Western Province

  • The Recruitment Officer
  • North-Western Formation Headquarters
  • P.O Box 4110066
  • Solwezi

Luapula Province

  • The Recruitment Officer
  • Luapula Formation Headquarters
  • P.O Box 710382
  • Mansa

Northern Province

  • The Recruitment Officer
  • Northern Formation Headquarters
  • P.O Box 410038
  • Kasama

Muchinga Province

  • The Recruitment Officer
  • Muchinga Formation Headquarters
  • P.O Box 480137
  • Chinsali

To apply for Zambian army recruiting, submit an application letter addressed to the commander-in-chief and mail it to any of the provinces listed below, or for more information, visit


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