TRCN Registration Form 2023/2024 See How To Register For TRCN Online

The TRCN Registration Form and its Requirements 2023:  The TRCN Registration Form requires personal information from individuals seeking registration.

This includes two recent passport photographs, photocopies of educational certificates, a birth certificate or affidavit, and proof of state or local government area of origin.

The Teachers Registration Council of Nigeria (TRCN) is an agency of the Federal Ministry of Education in Nigeria, established by the TRCN Decree No. 31 of 1993.

The registration form can be completed online using fillable templates and a powerful editor, making it easy and convenient for applicants.

TRCN Registration Educational Qualifications

Educational qualifications are also necessary for TRCN registration.

Applicants must have a minimum National Certificate in Education (NCE) or a Bachelor’s degree in Education from a recognized institution or a Bachelor’s degree in a field other than Education plus a Postgraduate Diploma in Education.

Additionally, individuals in their final year of university can confirm their registration status with their institution’s TRCN liaison officer and obtain registration forms nationwide.

Successful candidates must visit any TRCN office with their teller and will be issued a cash receipt to enable them to process their registration.

Payment of fees and Submission for TRCN Registration

Payment of fees and submission of required documents are also essential for TRCN registration. The cost of registration varies depending on the qualification and category of the applicant.

Applicants must possess and provide a copy of their school certificate, birth certificate or affidavit, and proof of state or local government area of origin.

Completed registration forms must be returned with evidence of payment and required documents.

To obtain the TRCN Letter of Professional Standing (LoPS), individuals must have both the TRCN certificate and license and present them to any TRCN state office.

Approach to a Successful TRCN Registration

Once you have all the above-mentioned documents, proceed with your TRCN exam registration as follows.

Visit any TRCN office.

Every state in Nigeria has one official TRCN office, which is located in the capital city.

We’ve compiled a list of all TRCN offices in Nigeria, including their location, address, and contact information.

To avoid getting scammed, go to the one closest to you (in any state), and DO NOT counsel anyone outside their offices.

TRCN is linked with a few colleges of education. You can therefore stroll into the nearest one, confirm their affiliation, and finish your TRCN exam registration there as well.

Request for registration

Tell the officer at any TRCN office or connected College that you want to register for the TRCN Professional Qualifying Examination (PQE).

You will be provided Remita payment instructions to pay the necessary amount to a “Federal account via Remita” according to your category.

How much is the TRCN form?

Category ‘A’ (teachers with Ph.D.) ₦5,000
Category ‘B’ (teachers with Master’s Degrees) ₦4,000
Category ‘C’ (teachers with Bachelor Degrees) ₦3,500
Category ‘D’ (teachers with NCE) ₦3,000

NOTE: When visiting the TRCN office on your own, the above TRCN exam registration fees apply.

Affiliated Colleges of Education may charge a fee to cover the costs of transporting your form to and from the TRCN office.

Affiliated colleges may also need you to pay in cash, but TRCN offices will demand you to pay by remittance to a federal account.

Make your payment

Go to any bank or computer café and tell them you want to pay for the TRCN exam with Remita.

Banks will do it without hesitation, while internet café operators may require more instruction.

If they do, instruct them to:

  • Check out the Remita Platform.
  • “Teachers Registration Council of Nigeria” should be selected.
  • “Professional Qualifying Examination Application Fee” should be selected.
  • Enter the GIFMIS code (which you can obtain from the TRCN officer).
  • Enter the amount, your name, phone number, and email address.
  • SUBMIT should be clicked.
  • Enter their ATM card information.
  • Click the “Make Payment” button.

Do not give the Internet café (or anybody else) your ATM card information because your account could be exploited to make additional online payments without your knowledge.

Allow the operator to use their own card details for payment, while you refund the money to them in cash or via transfer.

In reality,

If you are technically skilled, you may even make the payment online using your phone or PC by following the identical methods outlined above.

Return to the TRCN office.

Return to any TRCN office with your proof of payment (teller or Remita receipt) and all registration documents.

Complete the registration form

The officer will provide you with the exam registration form to fill out after validating your documents and proof of payment.

There will be a part on the form where you can choose one of the categories from A to D.
Here’s my take on it:

  • Category A – if you are a Doctorate degree holder.
  • Category B – if you are a Master’s degree holder.
  • Category C – if you are a Bachelor’s degree or HND holder.
  • Category D – if you are an NCE holder.

Choose ONLY the category in which you have the highest certification.

As an example.

Assume Mrs. Funmilayo holds a Master’s degree, a Bachelor’s degree, and an NCE. She can only choose Category ‘B,’ which is her highest level of qualification.

After completing the form and submitting your documents, you will receive your TRCN test permit, which you will use to gain entry into the exam center on the day of your exam.

Get your exam date from the officer and exchange contact information with him/her for any additional questions or information about your exam.

Do you have any advice on how to register for the TRCN exam? Comment below and one of our staff members will respond.


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