TRCN Examination Date 2023/2024 Venue: See TRCN Official Schedule

TRCN Examination Date 2023: Read through this article for Important information about the TRCN examination date

The Teachers Registration Council of Nigeria (TRCN) has announced the scheduled date for its Professional Qualifying Examination (PQE) for the 2023 batch (A).

The examination is set to take place on May 18th and 19th, 2022. It is important for all prospective candidates to take note of this date to ensure they are well-prepared for the examination.

The registration deadline for the TRCN examination is an important detail that candidates must be aware of. As of March 2023, the registration deadline for the TRCN examination has not been announced.

TRCN Examination Date 2023

However, candidates are advised to stay updated on the TRCN website and other official channels for any information regarding the registration deadline.

Candidates should also be aware of the examination centers and guidelines set by the TRCN. The TRCN has published the examination centers for the PQE across the country.

Candidates are advised to visit TRCN state offices to identify the precise date, CBT center, and time for their examination.

Additionally, successful candidates are required to visit any TRCN office close to them with their teller to collect their PQE certificate.

It is important for candidates to adhere to all guidelines set by the TRCN to ensure a smooth and successful examination process.

TRCN Official Schedule

The Teachers’ Registration Council of Nigeria (TRCN) is responsible for ensuring the professional development and certification of teachers in Nigeria.

One of the primary functions of the TRCN is to conduct registration and certification examinations for teachers seeking to enroll in the Professional Qualifying Examination (PQE).

The PQE is a mandatory examination for all teachers in Nigeria seeking to become certified and licensed to practice as professional teachers.

The TRCN sets specific dates for the PQE exams, and interested candidates must register and prepare for the exams accordingly.

In addition to conducting registration and certification exams, the TRCN also organizes professional development workshops and seminars for teachers.

These workshops and seminars are designed to help teachers improve their teaching skills and stay up-to-date with the latest developments in the education sector.

The TRCN offers a range of courses, including core skills training for teachers, student leadership and personal development, citizenship, and digital literacy.

By participating in these workshops and seminars, teachers can enhance their knowledge and skills, which can ultimately lead to improved student learning outcomes.

In Conclusion

To maintain their certification and license, teachers in Nigeria are required to renew their certification every three years and participate in continuing professional development (CPD) activities.

The TRCN mandates that teachers complete a minimum of 100 contact hours of CPD within their current four-year recertification period. The TRCN also provides resources and training opportunities for teachers to engage in CPD activities, such as professional standards training.

By participating in CPD activities, teachers can continue to enhance their knowledge and skills, which can ultimately lead to improved teaching practices and better student outcomes.


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