Ogun State Teachers Recruitment 2023/2024 Ogun TESCOM Application Portal

Ogun State Teaching Service Commission Recruitment 2023 | Application and Registration Portal for Ogun State Teachers Recruitment in 2023.

This is a summary of the Ogun State Teaching Service Commission’s entire 2023 hiring procedure. We hope that reading this page will assist you in better understanding the concerns to consider before submitting the Ogun TESCOM Recruitment Form online.

The Ogun State Teaching Service Commission (TESCOM) is a vital government organization in Ogun State, Nigeria, responsible for guaranteeing quality basic education.

TESCOM, which is dedicated to fostering inclusive and accessible education, plays an important role in laying the groundwork for the state’s young people.

Ogun TESCOM is a beacon of hope for a brighter educational future, with an emphasis on improving teaching quality, and learning outcomes and building conducive learning environments.

Ogun TESCOM’s 2023 recruiting offers a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for committed individuals to join the ranks of passionate educators and contribute to the growth of education in the state.

This hiring campaign aims to attract competent and motivated individuals who are eager to inspire, nurture, and empower the next generation of leaders, thinkers, and innovators.

Ogun TESCOM Recruitment Registration Portal 2023

Before submitting an application to the Ogun State Teaching Service Commission, all applicants must be aware of a few crucial details. This is critical in preparing you for the possibility of submitting your application online, whether you have the opportunity to leave or not.

To begin, be aware that the official application portal’s website is As a result, all applications will be evaluated. We will notify you if there are any alternative ways to apply for this position.

Because each application form is unique, do not send duplicate supporting materials. It will not only help you get the job, but it will also improve your reputation with the authorities. Furthermore, do your best to pay attention to every detail and follow all the instructions that have been given to you.

Requirements for Ogun TESCOM Recruitment

Aspiring candidates must achieve specific prerequisites in order to be considered for the Ogun TESCOM recruitment. Here are the ten most important requirements to meet before applying:

  • – Have Nigerian citizenship and provide a valid ID to prove it.
  • – A Bachelor’s degree in Education from a recognized university is required.
  • – Completion of the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) program, which is required.
  • – Have good writing and vocal communication skills.
  • – Prove competency in fundamental computer abilities and understanding of applicable software.
  • – Meet the Ogun TESCOM age restriction (typically between 22 and 35 years).
  • – Demonstrate a real love of teaching and a strong dedication to educational advancement.
  • – Be willing to work in any part of Ogun State and in a variety of educational settings.
  • – To validate educational qualifications, prepare and present academic transcripts and diplomas.
  • – Successfully complete the Ogun TESCOM screening and selection procedure.

Steps to Apply for Ogun TESCOM Recruitment

The Ogun TESCOM recruitment application process is quick and uncomplicated. To apply successfully, follow the procedures below:

  • Go to the Ogun TESCOM official website at or any government-approved portal where the recruitment application form is available.
  • Register on the website and fill out your personal profile with factual information.
  • Fill in the blanks with your personal information, school background, and professional experience.
  • Scan and upload any required papers, including educational certificates, IDs, and passport photos.
  • Check the information supplied for accuracy before submitting the application online.
  • After successfully submitting your application, print the acknowledgment slip with your application data and reference number.

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