NPC Adhoc Staff Salary Structure and Allowances 2023

The National Population Commission (NPC) has finally announced the Salary Structure and allowances for its ad hoc personnel who will be involved in the 2023 Population and Housing Census.

The pay is divided into two categories: which includes allowances and base salary.

NPC Adhoc Staff Training Allowances 2023:

According to the Director of the Census Department, Mrs. Evelyn Arinola Olanipekun, the NPC ad hoc personnel will earn three sorts of allowances: food allowance:

(a) Specialised Workforce (SWF) – ₦2,000 per day for 13 days (three days SWF and ten days state training).

States that did not observe the first three days, on the other hand, are exempt. ₦26,000 in total. (a) State Facilitators: ₦2,000 per person, per day, for a total of ten days. ₦20,000 is the total amount.

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For the Transport allowance, it is ₦20,000 per individual.

Training allowance: (a) Trainer: ₦15,000 per day x 13 (SWF) and 10 (state facilitator) (b) Trainee: ₦10,000 per day x 13 (SWF) and 10 (state facilitator).

According to the National Population Commission (NPC), payment will be made twice for all categories, as follows: transportation and food.
: ₦46,000 (SWF), ₦40,000 (state facilitators). Training allowance: trainer (SWF) – ₦195,000; trainee – ₦130,000; state trainers (facilitators) -₦150,000; trainees – ₦100,000.

It went on to say that the aforesaid allowances would also apply to other groups, such as enumerators and supervisors, albeit with fewer training days and somewhat lower pay.

Total allowances for specialized labor, facilitators, enumerators, supervisors, and other census functionaries typically vary between ₦50,000 and ₦100,000.

NPC Adhoc Staff Salary Structure 2023

The National Population Commission stated that the main compensation for NPC ad hoc workers will be paid after the census is completed.

Depending on the position, the typical basic or main remuneration for each census functionary ranges from ₦50,000 to ₦250,000.

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To summarize, the following are the salary and allowances for NPC ad-hoc workers for the 2023 Population and Housing Census:

  • Facilitators: ₦150,000-₦300,000
  • Field Coordinator: ₦140,000-₦280,000
  • Quality Assurance Assistants/Rovers: ₦130,000 to ₦280,000
  • Supervisor: ₦130,000 to ₦230,000
  • Enumerator: ₦100,000-₦220,000
  • Monitoring and Evaluation Officer: ₦150,000-₦300,000

Overall, the NPC has ensured that Its ad hoc workforce is appropriately compensated for their contributions during the census.


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