Nigerian Air Force Salary Structure, Ranks and Training Allowance 2023

Nigerian Air Force Salary Structure: The Nigerian Air Force Ranks and Salary Structure have been discussed below. Read carefully for more information.

Salary and Allowances for Nigerian Air Force 2023. The Nigerian Air Force (NAF) is a branch of the Nigerian Armed Forces in charge of military air operations in the country.

With approximately 50,000 commanders and able-bodied men and women serving the Nigerian Air Force is one of Africa’s most potent military.

In 1962, the Nigerian Air Force was formally constituted. It began hiring employees and sending pilots abroad for training. The first group of pilots was dispatched to Egypt.

The following group was sent to Canada and India for training. Colonel Gerhard Kahtz led the group and eventually became the first leader of the Nigerian Air Force, officially known as the Chief of Air Staff.

Nigerian Air Force Ranks

The Nigerian Air Force (NAF) has a well-defined ranking system that determines the hierarchy and responsibilities of its officers.

The ranking system is divided into two categories: Commissioned officers and Non-commissioned officers.

The commissioned officers’ ranks are divided into 10 levels, ranging from Pilot Officer to Air Chief Marshal, while the non-commissioned officers’ ranks are divided into 8 levels, ranging from Aircraftman to Warrant Officer.

The ranking system is crucial in maintaining discipline, order, and structure within the Nigerian Air Force.

Nigerian Air Force Salary Structure

The Nigerian Air Force salary structure is based on the officers’ ranks and educational qualifications.

The Commissioned officers’ salaries range from ₦218,400 for a Flying Officer to ₦1,480,892 for an Air Chief Marshal.

Non-commissioned officers’ salaries range from ₦49,000 for an Aircraftman to ₦1,000,000 for a Master Warrant Officer.

The salaries of the officers are reviewed periodically to ensure they are commensurate with the economic situation in the country.

Nigerian Air Force Allowance

In addition to their salaries, Nigerian Air Force officers are entitled to various allowances and benefits.  Some of the allowances include flight duty allowance, medical allowance, transport allowance, and housing allowance.

Furthermore, officers are entitled to free medical care and subsidized housing, depending on their ranks and years of service. These allowances and benefits are essential in motivating and retaining officers in the Nigerian Air Force.


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