NEPC Salary Structure 2024 How Much Does NEPC Pay in 2024?

The Nigerian Export Promotion Council is dedicated to providing a safe and healthy working environment for its employees. Not only that but good salaries are rewarded.

Overview of NEPC salary structure

The NEPC salary structure consists of several components, with the basic salary being the most significant.

Nigerian Export Promotion Council (NEPC) employees earn an average of 58,800 Naira a month. This information was compiled by two workers of the Nigerian Export Promotion Council (NEPC). Field Engineer who earns about ₦105,000 and Internship (₦13,000)are among the positions available.

The amount of the basic salary varies depending on the position and level of experience of the employee.

NEPC Allowance

In addition to the basic salary, NEPC also offers various allowances to its employees.

Allowances are additional payments made to employees to cover specific expenses, such as housing, transportation, or healthcare.

The types and amounts of allowances provided by NEPC may vary depending on the employee’s position and location. For example, a Consultant at NEPC may receive a higher housing allowance.

NEPC also provides bonuses and incentives to its employees as part of its salary structure.

Bonuses are one-time payments made to employees as a reward for their performance or contributions to the company. Incentives, on the other hand, are ongoing rewards that encourage employees to develop new skills or achieve specific goals.

NEPC’s incentives may include opportunities for professional development, such as earning an advanced degree or specialty license.

The amount of bonuses and incentives offered by NEPC may vary depending on the employee’s performance and contributions to the company.


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