NDLEA Salary Structure, Ranks For SSCE, B.Sc., HND & OND

NDLEA Salary Structure and Ranks 2023: The NDLEA has a new salary structure and rank. Are you interested in joining or working with the National Drug Law Enforcement Agency? If you answered yes, you might be interested in learning about the new NDLEA compensation structure, allowances, and ranks.

This article shall present all intending applicants with the NDLEA Salary Structure and Ranks for NDLEA employees.

Without a doubt, most individuals interested in working for the National Drug Law Enforcement Agency are eager to learn more about the organization. Just keep reading as we present you with some intriguing facts that you should be aware of.

National Drug Law Enforcement Agency (NDLEA) Ranks

In its ranks and salary system, the NDLEA employs the Consolidated Paramilitary Salary system (COMPASS). The agency guarantees that its employees are promoted as and when they are due, which they see as a way of increasing the officers’ motivation to execute their jobs. The National Drug Law Enforcement Agency of Nigeria has the following ranks available:

NDLEA Commissioned Officers Ranks

These are the agency’s high-ranking officers, who are selected based solely on their academic credentials. The ranks of the NDLEA’s commissioned officers range from Assistant Superintendent of Narcotics to Commander General of Narcotics.

The highest post, that of Commander General of Narcotics, is typically appointed by the President. Every commissioned officer in the NDLEA aspires to the greatest rank in the organization.

  • Commander General of Narcotics (CGN)
  • Deputy Commander General of Narcotics (DCGN)
  • Assistant Commander General of Narcotics (ACGN)
  • Commander of Narcotics (CN)
  • Deputy Commander of Narcotics (DCN)
  • Assistant Commander of Narcotics (ACN)
  • Chief Superintendent of Narcotics (CSN)
  • Superintendent of Narcotics (SN)
  • Deputy Superintendent of Narcotics (DSN)
  • Assistant Superintendent of Narcotics I (ASN)
  • Assistant Superintendent of Narcotics II (ASN)

Non-Commissioned NDLEA Officers’ Ranks

These are the lower ranks of the NDLEA, which are also considered during recruiting based on the officer’s qualifications. Some officers at this level joined NDLEA after completing WAEC, ND, and HND. The following are the NDLEA ranks in the non-commissioned officer category:

  • Chief Narcotic Agent (CNA)
  • Senior Narcotic Agent (SNA)
  • Senior Narcotic Assistant I (SNA I)
  • Narcotic Agent (NA)
  • Narcotic Assistant 1 (NA I)
  • Narcotic Assistant (NA)

NDLEA Salary Structure For SSCE, B.Sc., HND & OND

According to the Agency, the National Drug Law Enforcement Agency (NDLEA) pays its employees based on their level and rank, and salaries are based on the consolidated Para-Military Salary Structure (CONPASS).

OND Holders are paid N483,353 per year (before deductions)

HND Holders at Level 7 are paid N888,956 per year (before mandatory deductions). However, it suggests that they earn around N74,000 per month.

NDLEA LEVEL 8 (BSC & Equivalent) earns N900,071 per year (before deductions), or N75,000 per month.

Please keep in mind that the figures in this guidance have not been verified or confirmed because the Agency has not been subject to the minimum wage that has been signed into law.

CONPASS grade 1 N46,320 monthly 410,667 annually
CONPASS grade 2 N45,067 451,076
CONPASS grade 3 N48,854 451,076
CONPASS grade 4 N51,645 323,856
CONPASS grade 5 N54,746 N324,545
CONPASS grade 6 N90,456 N327,048
CONPASS grade 7 N110,743 N382,508
CONPASS grade 8 N143,023 N802,745
CONPASS grade 9 N151,739 N902,568
CONPASS grade 10 N205,673 N2,456,300
CONPASS grade 11 N220,384 N2,564,739
CONPASS grade 12 N236,578 N3,122,689
CONPASS grade 13 N307,826 N3,389,087
CONPASS grade 14 N353,238 N4,307,669
CONPASS grade 15 N425,906 N4,807,688
CONPASS grade 16 N425,906 N4,807,688

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