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Natforce Salary Structure 2023: Natforce, the National Task Force, is a paramilitary organization in Nigeria that is responsible for maintaining security and order in the country.

Understanding the Natforce Salary Structure is important for officers who are interested in joining the organization. The salary structure is determined by various factors, including rank, level, and qualifications.

Depending on these factors, some Natforce officers can earn up to one million Naira annually. The calculations for the salary structure may be based on dividing the annual salary by 12 to determine the monthly salary.

Natforce Salary Structure 2023

The Natforce Salary Scale and Grade Levels are important to understand for officers who are interested in joining the organization. The salary scale is calculated based on educational qualifications and ranks.

The salary scale ranges from Level 3 to Level 17, with the highest salary going to officers at Level 17. The grade levels range from Assistant Cadre to Director-General, with each level having its own salary range.

Level 3 – 5 Assistant Cadre N448,000 – N487,000
Level 6 Assistant Inspectorate Cadre N498,000 – N510,000
Level 7 Inspectorate Cadre N550,000 – N590,000
Level 8 Assistant Superintendent Cadre II N612,000 – N617,000
Level 9 Assistant Superintendent Cadre I N622,000 – 670,000
Level 10 Deputy Superintendent Cadre II N692,000 – N725,000
Level 11 Superintendent Cadre II N741,000 – N794,000
Level 12 Chief Superintendent Cadre II N796,000 – N802,000
Level 13 Assistant Commander N813,000 – N846,000
Level 14 Deputy Commander N877,000 – N 899,000
Level 15 Chief Commander N909,000-1,012,000
Level 16 Assistant Commandant General N1,076,000 – N1,112,000

It is important to note that the salary structure may be subject to change based on the organization’s policies and government regulations.

Natforce officers are entitled to various benefits and allowances, in addition to their salaries. These benefits include medical allowances, housing allowances, transport allowances, and leave allowances.

The organization also provides its officers with life insurance coverage and retirement benefits. However, the specific benefits and allowances may vary depending on the officer’s rank and level within the organization.

Overall, the Natforce Salary Structure is attractive and competitive, making it a desirable career option for many individuals in Nigeria.


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