Lagos State Civil Service Salary Structure & Allowance 2023


Lagos State Civil Service Salary Structure & Allowance 2023: In this section, we will explore the salary structure of the Lagos State Civil Service. Understanding the salary structure is crucial for both current and prospective employees as it provides valuable insights into their earning potential and career progression within the civil service.

The Lagos State Civil Service offers a competitive and well-structured salary system to its employees. The salary structure is designed to reward employees based on their qualifications, experience, and job level within the organization.


The salary structure in Lagos State Civil Service is divided into various grades or levels. Each grade corresponds to a specific job category or position within the service. These grades are further divided into steps or increments that determine an employee’s progression within a particular grade.

Factors such as educational qualifications, years of experience, and performance evaluations play a significant role in determining an employee’s placement within the salary structure. As employees gain more experience and acquire additional qualifications, they have the opportunity to move up through different steps within their respective grades, resulting in increased salaries over time.

It’s important to note that the Lagos State Civil Service Salary Structure is periodically reviewed to ensure it remains competitive with industry standards and reflects economic realities. This ensures that employees are fairly compensated for their skills, knowledge, and contributions to public service.

Lagos State Civil Service Salary Structure & Allowance 2023

According to sources, the Lagos State Government upped the salaries of its civil servants by more than 25%.

In recent years, the Lagos State minimum wage has risen from around 19,000 to over 62,000.

New hires in the Lagos State Government public service can expect to earn between 62,000 and 82,096 per month (Grade Level 1) after taxes but minus allowances, according to current estimates.

Grade level Salary range (N)
01 ₦62,000 – ₦82,096
02 ₦ 63,000 – ₦90,000
03 ₦ 65,000 – ₦97,000
04 ₦ 68,000 – ₦106,000
05 ₦ 77,000 – ₦123,000
06 ₦ 95,000 – ₦150,000
07 ₦ 127,000 – ₦ 195,000
08 ₦ 165,000 – ₦ 245,000
09 ₦ 195,000 – ₦ 290,000
10 ₦ 229,000 – ₦ 333,000
12 ₦ 265,000 –  ₦ 380,000
13 ₦ 294,000  –  ₦ 418,000
14 ₦ 326,000 –  ₦ 438,000
15 ₦ 361,000 –  ₦ 503,000
16 ₦ 399,000 –  ₦ 567,000
17 ₦ 444,011 – ₦ 640,000

Understanding the Lagos State Civil Service Salary Structure not only provides clarity on how salaries are determined but also serves as motivation for career development and advancement within the civil service.

It encourages employees to enhance their skills, pursue further education, and excel in their roles – all of which contribute to personal growth and increased earning potential.

In conclusion, by having a transparent salary structure in place that rewards performance and progression, the Lagos State Civil Service aims to attract top talent while motivating its workforce for continued excellence in public service delivery.


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