Kano State Civil Service Salary Structure and Allowances 2024

Understanding the Kano State Civil Service Salary Structure: The Kano State Civil Service is responsible for providing essential services to the citizens of Kano State, including healthcare, education, and public safety.

The civil service is made up of various departments, each with its own unique roles and responsibilities. The salaries of civil servants in Kano State are determined by several factors, including years of service, level of education, and job title.

The Kano State Government is committed to ensuring that civil servants receive fair compensation for their work, as evidenced by the recent increase in salaries across the board.

Kano State Salary Structure 2024 (Grade Level Breakdown)

The salary structure for civil servants in Kano State is based on a grading system that takes into account an individual’s level of responsibility, qualifications, and experience.

The grading system ranges from Grade Level 1 to Grade Level 17, with each level corresponding to a specific salary scale. For instance, an officer on Grade Level 9 can expect a monthly salary ranging from N193,819 to N289,324, translating to an annual salary of N2,435,828 and N3,471,888, respectively.

The Kano State Government is also committed to ensuring that civil servants are paid their salaries in a timely and consistent manner, with payments typically made on the 26th or 27th of each month.

The Kano State Government has made significant efforts to improve the salary structure for civil servants in the state. In 2021, the government approved an upward review of salaries and allowances for civil servants.

Additionally, the government has been consistent in the monthly payment of the new minimum wage salary, which has increased the state’s wage bill.

However, there have been some challenges, such as the withholding of salaries for some workers due to discrepancies in their records.

The Revenue Mobilization Allocation and Fiscal Commission has also reviewed the salary structure of political office holders. Despite these challenges, the Kano State Civil Service remains an essential part of the state’s development, providing vital services to its citizens.


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