INEC Salary Structure 2024: INEC Adhoc Staff Salary Structure

INEC Salary Structure 2024: INEC Adhoc Staff Salary Structure: Check Out INEC payment for the presiding officer, the assistant presiding officer, and Corpers, how much does INEC pay Adhoc staff for the 2024 election? See full details below.

INEC Salary Structure: Do you want to know how much the officers of the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) make in Nigeria? If so, continue reading.

The salary of an INEC officer varies according to the position and area. Typically, these salaries are negotiated between the company and the employee.

Entry-level officer posts are the lowest-paid in INEC. However, with experience and advancement, these occupations’ wages can skyrocket.

On this website, I will provide important facts on INEC’s salary structure.

INEC Salary Structure

The salary structure of The Independent National Electoral Commission INEC officers in Nigeria is shown in the table below.

INEC Adhoc Staff Allowance 2024

INEC Ad hoc staff well-being on election day is listed below.

Rank Honoraria Feeding Transport Training Allowance
Supervisory Presiding Officer (SPO) N7, 000 N1,500 N3,000
Registration Area Center (RAC) Manager N7, 000 N1,500 N3,000
Presiding Officer (PO) N7, 000 N1,500 N3,000
Assistant Presiding Officer (APO) N7, 000 N1,500 N3,000
Registration Area Technical Support
N7, 000 N1,500 N3,000

INEC Adhoc Staff Salary Structure

Job Role
 Employment/ grade  level
 Salary (₦)
Supervisory Presiding Officer (SPO) at INEC
GL 10 – 14
 ₦ 1,060,833 – ₦2,101,600
Presiding officer (PO) / Assistant Presiding officer (APO)
GL 07
₦638,133 – ₦961,577
Registration Area Center (RAC) Manager
GL 07
₦ 638,133 – ₦961,577
Registration Area Technical Support (RATECH)
GL 07
₦638,133 – ₦961,577

Salary Scale for INEC and Qualifications

Grade Level
Salary Range per Annum
SSCE (O’level)
Grade Level (GL 04)
₦376,194 – ₦497,000
Grade Level (GL 07)
₦638,133 – ₦961,577
B.Sc. / HND
Grade Level (GL 08)
₦799,421 – ₦1,174,395
Grade Level (GL 14)
₦1,503,149 – ₦2,101,600

Permanent INEC employees are covered by health insurance. There are minimal procedures in place to cover the medical costs of workers, particularly any illness or injury sustained on the job.


INEC does not just hire people; it also trains them. As newly hired employees are trained, permanent employees are also trained to keep up with new technology or methods of work.

Permanent employees are trained regularly to improve their job expertise, whereas newly hired employees are trained shortly after they are hired to introduce them to the system.


INEC permanent employees are promoted after achieving the necessary criteria at a specific level. Promotion is usually limited to a specific time frame.

Staff who are up for promotion are evaluated, and if their performance is deemed satisfactory, they are promoted.

Transportation Allowance

INEC generally makes transportation arrangements for its employees when they travel for official tasks. Each employee is provided with transportation, which ranges from 1000 to 3000 miles per day.


This is one of the best advantages of being an INEC permanent employee, just like any other government employee.

Fortunately, their pension is paid monthly, and they are covered by the federal government’s pension plan.


INEC’s wage structure is determined by the position or grade level. Ad-hoc employees receive benefits primarily during the election season, whereas permanent employees receive benefits both during and after the election period.

So, if you’re thinking about applying for an INEC job, it’s better if you have a certificate or degree, as this will boost your compensation.


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