ExxonMobil Salary Structure & Allowances: See How Much ExxonMobil Staffs Earn

ExxonMobil Salary Structure & Allowances 2024: In this piece, we will swiftly explain how much Mobil Oil & Gas pays their employees, as well as the Allowance that Mobil employees receive.

ExxonMobil firm is an American multinational oil and gas firm based in Texas. By revenue, it is the world’s fifth-largest oil and gas corporation.

ExxonMobil (Mobil Producing Nigeria Unlimited) is likewise based in Nigeria and is significantly involved in crude oil and natural gas exploration and production.

Through the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC), the corporation has a joint venture with the Federal Government of Nigeria.

ExxonMobil Employee Salary Structure & Allowances

Q: What are the salary structure and allowances at ExxonMobil?

Most corporations do not divulge the salary structure/remuneration of their employees; yet, this has led to estimates of what the company pays its employees.

Entry-level employees earn less than other employees, but their earnings are expected to rise with promotion and experience.

ExxonMobil Salary Structure & Allowances

ExxonMobil’s average salary is 309,530 Naira. Based on the information we gathered, ExxonMobil’s 32 employees compiled this data. Administrative Officer, Civil Engineer, Computer Scientist, Contract Administrator, Digital Marketer, Drilling Logistics Officer, and more positions are available.

ExxonMobil Salary Structure Amount
Administrative Officer → ₦131,000
Civil Engineer → ₦105,000
Computer Scientist → ₦131,000
Contract Administrator → ₦1.05M


Nigeria’s current minimum wage, effective since 2020, is ₦30,000 per month, exclusive of all deductions.

The information on this page is subject to change; the figures provided are simply estimations and are not guaranteed to be 100% correct.

  • The figures presented here represent the net total amount after tax deductions.
  • Most multinational corporations pay according to global standards and are among Nigeria’s highest-paying employers.
  • Allowances are sometimes given to employees who work for low-wage companies.
  • Internship and trainee salaries are lower than those of entry-level employees.


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