Delta State Civil Service Salary Structure & Allowance 2023

The Delta State Civil Service Salary Structure is designed to provide competitive compensation packages to its civil servants, which include both basic salaries and allowances.

Entry-level civil servants in Delta State are placed on Grade Level 08, with a basic salary range of between N164,434 and N244,644 per month.

In addition to their basic salary, civil servants in Delta State are entitled to various allowances, including housing, transport, and meal allowances. These allowances are designed to help offset the cost of living and provide a more comfortable standard of living for civil servants.

Salary increments and promotions within the Delta State Civil Service are determined by a number of factors, including performance, qualifications, and length of service.

Civil servants who demonstrate exceptional performance and acquire additional qualifications may be eligible for promotions to higher grade levels, which come with corresponding increases in salary.

Delta State Civil Service Salary Structure

Grade level Salary range (N)
01 19,500 – 27,000
02 21,000 – 29,500
03 22,000 – 32,000
04 22,500 – 35,000
05 25,000 – 41,000
06 31,000 – 49,500
07 41,500 – 64,000
08 54,000 – 80,000
09 63,500 – 96,000
10 73,000 – 111,500
12 87,500 – 127,000
13 98,000 – 138,500
14 107,500 – 153,000
15 120,000 – 167,500
16 132,000 – 190,000
17 147,500 – 213,500

Additionally, civil servants in Delta State are entitled to annual salary increments, which are based on their grade level and length of service. These increments are designed to recognize and reward the dedication and commitment of civil servants to their work.

In addition to their basic salary and allowances, civil servants in Delta State are entitled to a range of additional benefits and perks.

These may include access to medical care, life insurance, and pension schemes. Civil servants may also be eligible for paid leave, including annual leave, sick leave, and maternity/paternity leave.

Furthermore, civil servants in Delta State may have access to training and development opportunities, which can help them acquire new skills and advance their careers.

These benefits and perks are designed to support the well-being and professional development of civil servants in Delta State, contributing to a positive work environment and high levels of job satisfaction.


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