Civil Defence Guarantor Form 2024 Download NSCDC Referee Form PDF

Download NSCDC Referee Form PDF: Civil Defence Guarantor Form 2024 is out for download in PDF format. The cdcfib Referee Form can be printed via the NSCDC official portal at

A PDF version of the Civil Defence Guarantor Form 2024 is accessible. The official website now provides access to the civil defence form for 2024. Check the Civil Defence recruitment portal for instructions on how to download the NSCDC guarantor form.

Everyone who applied for the NSCDC recruitment is informed by this article that they may now download, fill out, and bring the Civil Defence Recruitment referee form to the screening facility.

Candidates should be informed that two persons with credible histories are required to submit the form rather than just one, as failing to do so could result in the termination of your screening process for 2024! Additionally, the guarantor form must be filled out in your handwriting, not the other people’s.

Download NSCDC Referee Form PDF 2024

A candidate must provide at least two (2) guarantors who meet the requirements of the Civil Defence recruitment process in order to be taken into consideration for an appointment.

Please be advised that Guarantors should make sure the person they are signing for is a known individual to avoid future issues. Additionally, the NSCDC Guarantor Form must be filled out in your handwriting, not someone else’s.

A testimony of good behavior is required for this activity, thus as part of the NSCDC recruitment procedure, you will be asked to provide the guarantor form, which must be signed by the people we’ve named below.

Civil Defence (NSCDC) Qualified Guarantors

Shortlisted All candidates must download, print, and accurately complete this form to participate in the screening process. The following individuals are responsible for completing and approving the NSCDC guarantor form.

Other than the individuals listed below, the Police Force will not recognize any other individuals. A list of acceptable guarantors is provided below.

  • Magistrates
  • Secretary to the Government
  • Secretary to the State
  • Local Government Chairman
  • Traditional ruler
  • Head of educational institutions candidates attended(directors, university administrators, deans, and vice chancellors.)
  • PG of your town or community
  • Police Officer, not below the rank of CSP or Military Officer and not below the rank of Lieutenant Colonel.
  • Civil Servant not below the rank of Grade Level 12

It is important to note that completing the guarantor papers on your own may result in disqualification.

Furthermore, a career civil servant who is below Grade Level 12 cannot serve as your referee. Fire officers must be paramilitary or military officers of equivalent or higher rank; lesser levels are not accepted.

All applicants who applied for the civil defense recruitment program for 2024 must fill out this guarantor form, which is required for the screening process.

If an applicant fails to come with the guarantor form on the NSCDC screening day, his or her name will not appear on the finished NSCDC list of qualified candidates.

Learn how to fill out and print the form below.

How to Successfully Download the Civil Defence Guarantor Form 2024

If you want to download the Civil Defence Guarantor form, strictly follow the instructions below.

Please go to the NSCDC official website at and fill out your registration information in the sections provided.

When your profile appears, select the “Download Guarantor Form” button to save the form to your smartphone. Then you may take it to the nearest computer café and print it.

All candidates must have a hard copy of the NSCDC guarantor form that has been fully filled out and signed in order to be considered for screening. If the guarantor form is not presented at the NSCDC physical screening center, it will be presumed that you have refused the offer.


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